We offer beef from Bretonne Pie Noir cattle who are raised on pasture year-round. We offer pre-order of whole and half carcasses, as well as on-farm pick-up of individual cuts. Prices vary but basically we try to match the beef prices at our local Intermarché so that anyone who can afford to buy beef from the grocery store can afford to buy beef from us.


Information Regarding the Purchase of Whole or Half Carcasses


We need to collect a non-refundable deposit of 500€ before sending an animal to the abattoir since it's an irreversible decision. We're fans of transparency: you're welcome to come to our farm and view the cow we'll be sending to the abattoir on your behalf. If you take note of the cow's ear tag number, you'll be able to match it to the tag number on your invoice and the abattoir's weighing receipt. In this way, you'll know for certain that you're creating hundreds of meals from a single animal. 


We charge 9€/kg of hanging weight (poids net froid). The hanging weight of a carcass can vary considerably, from about 200kg - 300kg (so 1,800€ to 2,700€). We rely on the weighing receipt provided by the abattoir for the final calculations. We usually receive it within a 48 hours of slaughter. We'll use it to create your final invoice, which we'll send to you ASAP.


The butcher will age the beef for a couple of weeks and then process it into cuts. After trimming, the yield is usually about 60% of the carcass weight (120 - 180 kilos of meat). Since trimming beef is a combination of art and science, the final price per kilo of finished product varies but it's usually around the 15€/kg mark. 


Our butcher provides a combination of bone-in and boneless cuts that don't include ground beef. He cuts them into consumer portions in vacuum-packed freezer bags. They're then packed into sturdy cardboard boxes for transport. We recommend dedicating about 240 liters of freezer space to accommodate a whole carcass.


Your order should be ready two or three weeks after the date of slaughter. Please pay your invoice in full via bank transfer before meeting us at the butcher's in Bessines-sur-Gartempe, where you can pick up the entirety of your order.


Please note the "abats" are sold separately and include heart, liver, cheek, tongue, tripe, feet, and kidney.