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Tiny Eggs and Shattered Lids

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

What a day of oddities. I put three pounds of pork shoulder in the crock pot this morning with a little beef broth. I’ve made this recipe before and in four hours, I would’ve been well on my way to some of the best BBQ pulled pork I’ve ever had. But instead, two hours into the cooking process, I was startled by a POP! in the vicinity of the kitchen.

Clark ran toward the noise, as though non-stop barking is, in itself, a useful defense. I followed him, and when we reached the dining room, we both just stopped in our tracks, quietly scanning the room, because nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

But then I noticed the crock pot.


Weird thing number two: I collected the chickens’ eggs this morning and my oldest and biggest chicken had laid what looks like a robin egg.


I love it! I want to keep it and look at it periodically, but I’m also tempted to crack it open and see if there’s a proportional egg white and yolk inside. This is one of the things I love about raising chickens. Commercial farmers cull out the hyper-pigmented, over-sized, miniature, and oddly shaped eggs that are a natural part of egg laying.

Now if I could only find a way to encourage Starbucks to lay mini eggs on a regular basis so I can make deviled juevitos….


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