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The Obituary of Ethel Jane Spector Person Sherman Diamond

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

It appears Hurricane Sandy is finished with the patch of Northwest D.C. where I’ve been holed up for the past couple of days. The only damage I see is a toppled newspaper dispenser. Pedestrians are walking their dogs and appear to have full control of their umbrellas. (Yesterday I watched an inverted black umbrella traverse a cross walk on its own.)

After scanning the street for hurricane damage this morning, I retrieved my daily paper cup of coffee from the lobby and began reading The New York Times. I stopped dead in my tracks at page A23:

I immediately wondered, Is that the headline she would’ve chosen? Is that how she would’ve characterized her life? Of course I had to read it, and according to the  obituary, yes, that was her life’s work. But what I found most interesting wasn’t her research. It was this little nugget: “Dr. Person long held that no relationship was a failure if something was learned from it.” Consistent with this belief, she kept the name of each of the three men she married during her lifetime. So at the time of her death, her name was Ethel Jane Spector Person Sherman Diamond.

Thanks for the advice, Dr. Person.


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