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Take it Alllllll Off

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

“That’s alright, I don’t mind taking my top all the way off, as long as you give me a dollar,” I told her.

“A dollar? That’s it?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m cheap.” She accidentally brushed the top of my head with her hand. “I only ask that you don’t hit me, and that you give me a dollar.”

She laughed. “Have you been here before or is this your first time?”

“No, I’ve been here before,” I responded.

“Then you probably had me. You could’ve asked for five dollars. Two for each boob and one for the beating.”

It was the best banter I’ve had during a mammogram. The tech was totally at ease and didn’t mind contributing her own quips. “I’m glad you don’t mind,” she said, repositioning parts that would normally be off-limits without several dates or at least wine. “Women whose breasts are like socks filled with rocks–those are the ones who usually get upset.”

What an image! The full force of that description didn’t sink in until I had almost reached my car. I have great appreciation for the way life periodically presents unexpectedly candid connections like these–the way they serve as a pleasant surprise in the moment and continue emitting faint waves of joy for the next few days.

I never did get a dollar, but I suppose the laughter was payment enough.

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