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So Long, Scion

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I’m now the proud owner of a minivan. Wendy and I held out as long as we could using our two compact cars to tote our family of four, and sometimes an occasional guest or dog. But when we bought the most compact “next generation” car seats possible and they didn’t fit in either of our cars, we knew it was time.

So we settled on a Town and Country because two rows of Stow-and-Go seating mean there’s enough room to haul the kids and all three dogs at the same time, pick up lumber from Home Depot, or (gasp!) allow us to drive somewhere with my parents when they visit. (Before, one parent could sit in the passenger seat while I squeezed between the two car seats in the back.)

To compensate for this purchase, Wendy and I are both selling our “old” cars. While I won’t go so far as to say I’m emotionally attached to my vehicle, I will miss it. The only new car I’ve ever owned, my 2005 Scion XA, has accompanied me through dramatically different phases of my life.

While owning that car, I lived in Southern Maryland, Costa Rica, DC, and California. I had a fiancée, a girlfriend, and ultimately, a wife. My little Maltese Andy, who died 10 years ago, used to ride in that car with me. I drove across country in it, Wendy and I drove to our wedding and went on our honeymoon in it, and it carried our foster daughter home from the hospital last year. I’ll always have these memories, but losing my physical tie to them niggles at my heart and is worthy of a nod.

We had a good run, Scion.

We will of course make new memories in this new-to-us vehicle. I don’t know what they will be, but I suspect it will carry our foster children to court and bring our adopted children home–in car seats that are safe and appropriate for their little growing bodies. That’s good enough for me.

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