• Donna

"Say Goodbye to Shelly"

Clark killed Shelly. Today. I brought her outside from the brooder for her daily visit with Splash and the other ducklings. She played in the pond and bathed in the sun. Then she followed us out of the poultry enclosure. I lagged behind, considering future coop designs, while Darwin proceeded to the porch. Shelly ran behind, pursuing Darwin's purple wellie boots at a furious pace.

As she reached the porch, Emerson opened the door, Clark ran out, children screamed, Wendy scooped up Clark, I scooped up Shelly... but it was too late. Her neck was broken and she had two puncture wounds in her belly.

I sat on the porch, a child on each side, a duckling in my lap, and tears. "Say goodbye to Shelly," I said. She was gone within twenty seconds. But we stayed longer, petting her, crying, and making sure the kids knew it wasn't their fault.

"Everything Dies Farm." That's how it feels sometimes.


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