• Donna

It’s a Boy!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020


Despite his appearance at the time, Emerson–as we decided to call him–had been well cared for. But he was pale and scrawny, and looked like a blend between a bird and a little old man.

We loved him instantly.

The first few weeks after Emerson came to live with us were a challenge, as we adjusted to life with two infants younger than four months. And man could he cry! And cry and cry. “He’s going to be a very serious kid,” I thought to myself, because although he certainly smiled on occasion, most of the time he just looked… pensive.

Fast forward nine months and he’s laughing hysterically in his high chair simply because I raised my eyebrows at him. He loves to cuddle, is a bit reserved, yet also routinely smiles at strangers. And, as of today, his adoption is finalized.

Please welcome our son, Emerson Joseph Myers, into the world at 23 lbs, 30 inches 🙂

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