• Donna

Creating a Place to Compost Meat and Poo

Conventional wisdom tells us not to compost meat scraps, dairy products, or poop from omnivorous animals like dogs. There are good reasons for this advice, like avoiding bad smells, harmful bacteria, and unwanted attention from animals.

But throwing those biodegradable items in the trash clashes with the conventional wisdom that advises us to reduce, re-use, and recycle. So I did some research and learned how to safely recycle these items back into our own soil rather than sending them to a landfill.

The directions are quite simple: cut holes in a plastic trash can, dig a hole somewhere other than where you grow food, then bury the trash can so only the lid is accessible. The holes allow worms and the rest of the underground workforce to access the contents.

hole saw attachment for drill
I attached one of these to my drill to make the holes.

I cut out the entire bottom but made holes first to make it easier.

I made holes in the bottom half in an attempt to prevent rats from tunneling underground and in through the holes.

This lid locks into the can with a spinning motion, so should keep critters out.

The project cost eight euros and a couple hours of my time. I'm quite curious to find out if this will actually work. It just seems too easy.


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