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Ain’t That Just Ducky?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Ducklins Day Three

It’s a very exciting time on my little farm, where two female chickens and (now) two female ducks live. I haven’t chosen names for them yet, but their personalities are already emerging at three days old.

The black one is fearless and cuddly, and the yellow one is curious and, well, I’ll just say it–needy. She follows the black one everywhere and peeps her head off if they’re separated. They’re both absolutely adorable, and a friend took the pic above when we took them out in the yard to traipse in the grass and clover. Watching the ducklings waddle about and taste whatever their beaks encountered, reinforced my appreciation for organic lawn care. I felt comfortable letting them eat whatever they wanted.

While my preference would’ve been to pick up the ducklings at a farm, I had a hell of a time finding one, so I ordered them from Metzger Farms in Gonzales, CA. They hatched on Monday and were shipped USPS.


The post office called when they arrived. I missed the first call because I had expected them to arrive today, not yesterday. I also missed the next six calls. I finally looked at my phone around 1pm, then proceeded to listen to all three messages: “This is the post office, we have your ducks… This is your mail carrier, I brought your ducks to your house but you aren’t there and I had an express delivery, so I brought them back to the post office… This is the post office, our mail carrier tried to deliver your chickens, but he didn’t want them to get too hot outside, so he brought them back here; please come get them.”

I left immediately and despite the request of the friendly postal worker behind the counter to let her play with them (as she thinks ducklings are very cute, but her dog ate hers), I kept the box closed and drove home.

I removed the ducklings and placed them in the pre-prepped terrarium so they could relax after their trip. Then of course I proceeded to take a bunch of pictures and videos and holler like the town crier that ducks had finally arrived 🙂


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