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2013 Kinetic Sculpture Race

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I went to Ventura, CA yesterday with Wendy and her parents to watch the 16th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. What a cool idea! It’s a super cheesy event where people build wacky contraptions designed to quickly traverse four types of terrain: water, sand, asphalt, and mud.

I’m sure the vehicles took quite some time to design and build, but one of the best things about this event is that no one seemed to take it too seriously. I’ve included some pictures below; it’s free and I highly recommend it!

I love this Dr. Seussy contraption!

These two forgot to factor in a decent turning radius, and sweat was dripping off of them before the race was even half finished.

This “Bounce for Glory” gnome lapped everybody.

This poor guy was so much slower than everyone else. He pedaled like mad but didn’t seem to go anywhere. He had a great sense of humor though and kept ringing a little bike bell to get the crowd going.

All aboard the… rainbow pirate fox?

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