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While our farm has matured enough to have a shop, it hasn't grown enough to accept credit card payments. Sorry, we know that's annoying. You can still buy our stuff if you want to though. (Details are at the bottom of the page.)

Happy Homestead Gear

Payment Details


Thanks for being interested enough to read this section. Here's the deal. It just costs too much to turn on the website feature that would allow us to accept credit card payments. But we can still accept online payment in the form of a bank transfer. If you load your cart with whatever interests you, you'll be able to see how much it will cost with shipping. If you send us those details (for example via a screen shot) along with your shipping info, we can send you our bank details for a transfer.


When your payment arrives, we can place your order, using the funds you sent. We use a print-on-demand service that will create the products as they're ordered, then ship them worldwide. They get most of the money, but they also do most of the work. Seems fair enough. So if you see something you like and are willing to go back-and-forth with us a little, please give it a try!