Our Shop

If you're interested in buying livestock or farm products, please contact us. You can learn more about buying a cow here, or keep reading to learn about our beef sales. 

We offer beef from Bretonne Pie Noir cattle who are raised on pasture year-round. We offer pre-order of whole carcasses, as well as on-farm pick-up of meat boxes. In general we follow the beef prices at our local Intermarché so anyone who can afford to buy beef from the grocery store can afford to buy it from us. Currently the price is €15.00/kg, so each box costs approximately €150. (The exact price depends on the actual weight of each box.)


The prices for offal are as follows:


Feet: 5€ for all four

Heart: €5/kg

Kidney: €3/kg

Liver: €5/kg

Tongue: €10 for the whole thing

Tripe: €10 for the whole thing