Bretonne Pie Noir cow

We love our cows, but they aren't a good fit for every homestead. Are Bretonne Pie Noir cows right for you?

Food, Water, and Shelter

How much space does a cow need?


The French government recommends that to be environmentally friendly, you should have somewhere between 0.35 - 2.0 animal units/hectare. A cow (age two years or older) counts as one animal unit. So that means the recommended pasture size is 0.5 - 2.86 hectares (1.2 - 7.06 acres) for one cow. BUT since the Bretonne Pie Noir breed is about 75% the size of the average cow, the figures decrease a bit to 0.38 - 2.15 hectares (0.94 - 5.31 acres). At the lower end you'd probably need to supplement her diet with hay, whereas at the higher end, depending on grazing management, you could probably rely 100% on pasture. 


Veterinary Care

Administrative Obligations

Should You Get A Cow?