Bretonne Pie Noir cow

We brought our first Bretonne Pie Noir heifers to the farm in March 2021. They're a rare and hardy breed that's able to transform decent pasture into excellent meat and dairy. Their milk is high in cream and their meat is marbled and tender. These attributes, combined with the fact that it's the smallest breed of cow in France, make it the perfect addition to many homesteads. (Know if you're ready to have a cow?)

Age and Pricing

We offer pure-bred, registered Bretonne Pie Noir cattle to individuals interested in raising their own cow(s) for milk, meat, land maintenance, and/or personal enjoyment. We're members of the Union Bretonne Pie Noir (UBPN) and follow its price grid. You're welcome to pick up your cattle at the farm, or we can deliver for an extra charge. All of the cattle we sell are:

  • Accustomed to being brushed and pet by people;

  • Trained to two strands of electric fencing and come to a whistle;

  • Thriving outdoors all year long, finding shelter in tree cover as needed;

  • Capable of feeding themselves with forage throughout the year on our farm without the need for hay;

  • Not treated with medicated fly sprays or dewormers;

  • Certified free of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD);

  • Certified free of leucosis, brucellosis, and tuberculosis (officiellement indemnde de leucose, de brucellose, et de tuberculose);

  • From a herd certified free of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (troupeau indemne en IBR); and

  • From a farm "assaini en varron,"which has to do with bovine hypodermosis caused by warble flies.

We offer a variety of loose minerals to our herd year-round, and add garlic to their salt starting in February to help deter the flies and ticks of Spring and Summer. Domestic Muscovy ducks are part of the parasite reduction team and our herd has access to a variety of forbs, tree leaves, and nuts (like dock, oak leaves, and chestnuts), whose tannins work against parasites . We also give our herd access to fresh pasture every week, ensuring they're never in one place long enough for internal parasites to complete their life cycle. So a lot of thought goes into keeping our cows healthy and drug-free. 

How to Buy a Cow

Please send us a note. If we have what you're looking for we'll invite you to the farm to see our little herd and your potential cow(s). We can send pictures instead, if you'd prefer. If you decide to move forward with your purchase we'll provide you with an invoice that includes the cost of the animals (with 10% VAT) and delivery charges if relevant. After we receive a deposit of 50% you're free to pick up your animal(s) or have them delivered. At the time of pick-up/delivery, we'll bring the final invoice with us along with each animal's bovine passport. You can pay the balance by cash or check at this time.

Cattle Currently for Sale

Buying a Bretonne Pie Noir Cow


Born May 31, 2021

€600 HT

Uno is my favorite. (Shh, don't tell the others.) He's calm, patient, loves being pet, rests his head in my hands, and is still furry. He's basically like a cow dog. If you'd like to love your lawn mower, choose Uno for the job.

Bretonne Pie Noir bull

Born May 3, 2021

€800 HT

We never intended to have a bull but one of Humpty's testicles escaped the banding process so voila! He comes to a whistle, follows people well, and has not shown aggression.

Bretonne Pie Noir cow

Born May 16, 2021

€600 HT

Being brushed is one of Hearty's favorite things. When I move the cattle to fresh grass, he will often approach me for scratches while everyone else is focused on eating.

Goat Boy

Born June 12, 2021

€600 HT

He's the youngest of our herd and has always reminded us of a goat - probably because he's the smallest, his ears rest in a very goat-like fashion, and he's mostly white. He's a good boy who loves head scratches.