We brought our first Barbarie (aka domestic Muscovy) ducks to the farm in May 2020 when they were five weeks old. We protected their enclosure with electrified netting, gave them access to a coop, and provided plenty of fresh water to ensure they could always clear their nostrils. When they learned to fly, they soon enjoyed spending more time out of their enclosure than inside, and our ducks are now free to come and go as they please. 

Age and Pricing

We sell our Barbarie ducklings for 10€ TTC each, regardless of age. If you want to purchase day-old ducklings to maximize your bonding time, you're welcome to do so. There is, however, more risk in doing this since the ducklings are pretty fragile when first hatched and need to have access to warmth from a heat lamp. If you'd rather wait until the ducklings no longer require special care and can live outside (around a few weeks), you're welcome to do that too. 

How does it work?

We usually post an announcement in the Chicken Keepers in France Advertising Group on Facebook when we have ducklings available. If you'd like to be personally notified in advance, please contact us and we'll add you to the waiting list. Please note that our ducklings are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We don't reserve ducklings for purchase at a certain age; we simply sell the ducklings we have until we no longer have ducklings to sell.

Sometimes we hedge our bets and place some of the eggs in an incubator, but most of the eggs remain under the mother in the nest she has made. When the eggs hatch in an incubator it's really easy to arrange a date and time for pick-up because we keep the ducklings in a brooder until the eggs in the nest hatch, at which time we can place the ducklings with their mom. When the ducklings are being cared for by their mom, a little more flexibility is required so we can remove the duckling(s) without upsetting the flock dynamic.

ducklings and eggs
Barbarie duck and her fluffy yellow ducklings

Buying a Barbarie Duckling