After adopting our children in 2016, we left Los Angeles and embarked on the road trip of our lifetime, visiting 32 national parks before emigrating to France in 2018. We bought a farm on 40 acres in the Haute-Vienne region and are busy curating our ideal homestead.


We officially registered as farmers in January 2019 and brought our first cows to the farm about nine months later. We don't have any products to sell yet; we're still working on farm infrastructure and making our 1870s farmhouse safe and comfortable. 


In time, we hope to get really good at producing things others will enjoy. In addition to growing food and making soap, we're considering converting one of our old stone barns into a cottage and building an off-grid cob house down by the lake. 

If you think you may want to visit our farm after it's up and running, please enter your contact information below to join our mailing list.

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